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Born in Genoa (Italy) in 1973, I've been a musician for my whole life: piano student at 6, rock guitarist at 16 (and guitarist since then…), later graduated in classical guitar while learning the secrets of jazz harmony.
Cinema burst into my life at 19 and since then it was love for writing music for stories.
I started with theatre and some short movies, while studying classical composition and recording techniques.
Finally, I fine-tuned my abilities completing the Master in Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games at Berklee College of Music.
Since 2015 I'm living in Valencia (Spain) working as a composer in short movies, had my first feature film in 2016 and I'm currently testing myself in the realm of video games music.
Matteo Nahum - Abbey Road Londond 2015

Abbey Road - 2015

Here you can download my Curriculum Vitae

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